Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look through our most frequently asked questions as you may find what you are looking for. If not, you are more than welcome to contact us. We do our best to respond within a few hours!

Is it FREE to sign up?

Yes it is! However if you would like to become a seller, you'll need to become a verified user. But to buy, no verification or sign up fees needed!

Why do I need to pay to become Verified?

We have introduced the verification fee to increase the number of serious sellers. Whenever anything is free, the service can be abused, which is why we are putting this measure up to help make this community a better place.

But don't panic! You get your Verification Fee added to your account as CyberCash to pay towards listing upgrades and to buy items etc.

Do I get my Verification fee back?

Yes! It will be added to your account in the form of account credit as what we call CyberCash. 

If you are a Seller - This can then be used to pay for listing upgrades and fees; such as Home Page Featured, Highlight Listings and more! By default, CyberCash is accepted as a form of payment which you can withdraw to your bank account by putting in a withdrawal request in your account.

If you are a Buyer -  Your CyberCash can be used to pay for products from other sellers. So either way, you will be able to use it!

What is CyberCash?

CyberCash is our in-house payment method. It is a site-credit based system in which you exchange actual cash for CyberCash via a Credit/Debit card.
The reason why we have built a payment system within the site is simple:

ZERO Processing & Transaction Fee's
Unlike 3rd party providers such as PayPal and Stripe, using CyberCash is free to use! No fee's to process transactions with CyberCash.

And... as a Seller, you can withdraw your CyberCash to your bank account with ZERO processing fee's.
For example, If you request to withdraw £100, you will receive £100. It's that simple!

What does it cost to list an item?

Nothing! You don't pay for listing fees. You don't pay extra for photos, nor do you pay extra to accept offers or even to have your own Online Shop!
For more information on our pricing, please click here.

Are you cheaper than eBay?

Yes we are! No matter what the price you sell your item for, we ask for 5% as a Sale Transaction Fee.
eBay charge a whopping 10% on top of other listing fees - That is insane! 
For more information on our pricing, please click here.

Do I need to have a Shop to list items?

No you don't. Some users like to have their own shop which they can advertise and market to their own customers as their Ecommerce store. However, some prefer to list on the marketplace as normal. You can sell items at no matter your preference. 

If you do have your own shop, you will get your own custom website URL redirecting users.
For example: The 'TGBCH' user has this website URL for their shop:
This feature is included with all shop subscriptions including the FREE option. It is there to help you advertise using marketing and promotional material and make it easy for your customers.

We have very simple pricing if you were looking to have your own shop. For up to 25 products, it is FREE!
For more information on our pricing, please click here.

How do I pay for items?

As a buyer, it's really simple! We have an in-house payment system called 'CyberCash'. When you complete checkout, select the option for 'CyberCash' and the amount will automatically taken from your account and sent directly to the seller's account. Really simple!

Please notewhen you purchase goods, you must have the amount in your account to be able to proceed with the purchase. This measure is to eliminate the time-wasters from making purchases and not completing payment. To top up your account is really easy, you can do so 1 of 2 ways:

1) When you purchase a product, it will prompt you that you do not have enough in your wallet. Click the button to top up via Credit or Debit card. When successful, just head back to checkout to complete your purchase!

2) Or you can top up your account by visiting your Members Dashboard. There is box to put in the amount you wish to top up, then click on 'Credit Account' to be redirected to enter your credit/debit card details. And that's it!

As a seller, how do I get paid?

We have made it even more simple! At ChangeChecker, we have our in-house payment option called CyberCash.

CyberCash is a form of in-house credit that can be used to pay for goods as well as pay for fee's. As a seller, you can request to withdraw your CyberCash to your bank account by putting in a withdrawal request within your account dashboard here

For more information on how to withdraw, you can view our video guide here:

How do I import my eBay listings?

We have an eBay Import Tool to help you. Watch our video guide here:

Please note: If you have variations in your eBay listings, these will not be imported. It will only import standard listings at the moment. We are currently working on being able to import the variations. More updates will be given as and when.

How do I sell an item?

It is surprisingly easy! You can view our video guide here:

Are there any other video guides?

Yes there is! Head over to our YouTube Channel where we have created a dedicated Playlist to help you. You can view it here: